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Stop throwing away your marketing money

Invest in strong medical content that builds your authority. 

Gain more patients and clients

Find your unique voice and use it to bring clients to you.

Get your time back

You’re working hard enough. Let me take over your copy.

Hey, You!

You’re a healthcare innovator. You’re swimming against the current of common thought in medicine. You’re passionate about new evidence-based strategies and cutting-edge medicine. 

You know you can change patients’ lives, so you’ve struck out on your own to create something new. If you build it, patients will come, right?

But now that you’ve begun your new practice or startup, you’ve realized it’s not that simple.  

People may think you’re selling “snake-oil”. (even though you know your methods work!)

People don’t trust you with their health. (even though you’ve seen amazing outcomes in your clients!)

Patients who do find you aren’t a good fit. (but you know your ideal patients are out there!)

And now, you’re starting to worry about sustaining your business if you can’t bring in more clients. 

You’d think that in medicine, results would speak for themselves, and patients would come to you. It’s frustrating to know you have so much value to offer, but your schedule is empty or filled with the wrong people.

I get it. 

And I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. 

What if I told you there’s a way to gain more patients, grow your authority, and save yourself time in the process? (I know, it sounds too good to be true!)

I’m not talking about slimy marketing or expensive ads.

Professional medical copy grows your business, without making you feel like a sleazy marketer. Here’s how:

Informative Content

Search Engine Optimized articles and blogs establish your knowledge, inform your future patients, and increase your Google ranking. Grow a web of highly researched, trustworthy articles that your audience will return to again and again.

Ethical Emotion

Build a website that shows the real you. Use effective email sequences, landing pages, and effective ads that convert patients. Apply the power of positive psychology to show your audience why working with you will change their lives for the better. 

Strategy for Growth

Create consistent content that grows momentum over time, building your business and your brand. Forge an audience who values your voice and your work. Medical copy strengthens your course offerings, supplement promotions, and service packages.

Here’s something they don’t teach in medical school:

Medicine needs marketing to reach patients.

But that doesn’t mean you have to hire a slimy marketer to reach more people. 

You can build your practice or startup ethically with evidence-based, authentic copy. 

Most medical copywriters and marketers have no real medical background.

By working with a professional copywriter who is also a registered nurse, you can:

Skip the marketing agency headache. . .

Feel good about the content you’re putting out in the world. . .

Create a practice that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning. . .

Get your passion for life-changing medicine back. . .

Isn’t that feeling why you got into medicine in the first place?

“Marie thoroughly researches and writes every article for our audience of hopeful parents. She delivers every project on time, and we’ve even consulted her for copyediting on our older content. We recommend working with her if you need excellent medical copywriting!”

Seema Thakur, Content Director for Inito
A doctor and consultant discuss medical marketing on a tablet.

What to expect when we work together

  1. Free consultation: we’ll chat about where you are now, where you’d like to be, and how I can help you get there. This will include looking at your website, industry competition, and inspiration.
  2. A Test Piece: we’ll start with a test piece so that you can see what my writing is like, and I can learn your unique voice.
  3. A Comprehensive Plan: I’ll make recommendations based on your goals. You can choose from my tried-and-true packages, or we’ll create a unique monthly plan for your business.
  4. Professional content: I heavily research every piece of content so that you know your patients are getting evidence-based resources. Continuing content grows value with time, and increases your ranking with Google.
  5. Peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in yourself and your practice. Knowing you’re pulling in clients even when you’re at home. Knowing you’re on your way to having the practice you want.

Sound like a plan?

“Marie’s writing has helped Psychedelic Support grow so much in the last year. Her blogs are highly researched, insightful, and clear. She understands our audience of psychedelic therapists and explorers, and it shows in her work. We look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!”

Dr. Allison Feduccia, Co-Founder of Psychedelic Support

Work with me if you’re ready to. . .

  • Stop relying on word-of-mouth referrals. 
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors. 
  • Build a website you’re excited to send people to. 
  • Grow your medical brand with authenticity and clarity. 

After all, I’m not your average copywriter. . .

I'm a passionate nursing and medical copywriter

Hi, I’m Marie!

I use my background as a registered nurse to create professional medical copy for healthcare innovators.

When I worked in inpatient medicine, I was so frustrated with the healthcare system. I worked with such smart, hardworking people. Yet the doctors, PA’s, and nurses I worked with weren’t the ones getting corporate bonuses or vacation homes.

Now, I get to help build businesses for people who are making a real difference in the lives of patients. Through compelling medical copy, I’m putting these people at the front of their field. My clients are bringing something new to health consumers, they just need help with showing people their value.

Does that sound like you?

“Our practice is truly grateful to have Marie on our team. She has scaled our blog and social media posts to an unimaginable level with her refreshing approach to medical content writing. 

We can confidently state that Marie has helped our practice achieve an engaging online presence on multiple platforms! Her content provides the reader with a charming equilibrium between medical jargon & conversational tone. Due to her experience as a Registered Nurse – Marie always goes above and beyond in each of her blogs, elegantly enticing the reader.  

Not only does she provide the reader with useful information without bombarding them with a myriad of medical information, but she also backs each piece with numerous scientific sources. We are excited to read her work every time, and are delighted to share it with so many others.

-Jothsna Bodhanapati, Practice Manager at Karma Doctors Integrative Psychiatry Associates

Check out some of my words:

Marie has been an integral part of our website rebuild team. Her web copy is concise and empathetic to our audience of healthcare leaders, and she uses our unique tone in every page. We highly recommend Marie if you need professional medical copywriting.

Donovan Miske, Founder of Kona Medical Consulting

Medical Copywriting Packages

Two people shake hands over a laptop. I can build a custom medical copywriting package for your business.

Copy works best as a system, not just individual parts doing their own thing. Like different organs of the body, individual pieces of copy can’t work alone.

Each of my packages is crafted with specific goals in mind. If you don’t see a package that reflects you, never fear! We can put together a unique package for you and your business.

One-Time Packages

Startup Website Package

It’s time to create your brand. This package is for cutting-edge medicine practitioners who are starting a new practice or transitioning into a new specialty. (Or maybe you’re just looking at your current website and thinking it doesn’t represent you anymore!) Let’s build your virtual brand. 

This package gives you six website pages that will pay dividends for years to come. You’ll get web copy that accurately reflects you and your clients, and establishes your position and authority. Each webpage serves a specific purpose and leads clients towards your Call to Action.

This package helps you gain trust through consistent language and tone. And targeted Google optimization will boost your ranking and grow your brand over time.

What you get:

Homepage: This page clearly says who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.

Services Page: This page lists your services, what makes them different, and how your process works.

FAQ Page: This page addresses common objections or questions you get in your business.

About Me Page: Tell your story, make your passions clear, and hone in on why you’re unique (hint: you really are!)

To My Patients Page: This is your platform to speak directly to your existing and future patients. Tell them your hopes and dreams for them, the role you’ll play in their healing journey, and thank them for being a part of your practice.

Contact Page Optimization: Make it easy to get in touch with you. Patients should have a direct line of communication that makes them feel heard. This can also be a place for them to book a consult call or a welcome appointment with you.

Bundle Price: $3100

Email Start-Up Package 

There’s an old saying: “your network is your net worth.” If you’re wanting to build both, this package is for you. 

A newsletter helps you build an engaged audience that wants to hear from you. This package helps you nurture people from “who the heck is this?” to “when can I book an appointment?”.

Build trust and relationships by giving immediate value that shows your authority. Nurture warm leads by showing them what to expect from you. By speaking to people through their virtual living-room, you can build intimate connections with a growing audience. These two pieces of high-value copy will entice people to join your email list.

What You Get:

Opt-in & freebie: These work together to entice your potential subscribers with an immediate value offer. For instance, your freebie could be a PDF guide to your IBS treatment plan or a step-by-step guide to enrolling in psychedelic therapy.

Welcome Email Sequence (4 emails): Welcome email sequences have an incredible ROI: they generate up to 300% the revenue per email of other promotional emails. Invest in a proven strategy for bringing people to your business.

Bundle Price: $1700

Monthly Packages

Monthly Growth Package

This package is for practitioners planning to expand their practice. You know your methods can change so many lives, and you’re ready to commit to making it happen. This package could also be an ideal option for practitioners transitioning into a more narrow specialty, changing specialties, or planning to expand. 

This package has three separate elements that will grow your influence and audience. By creating a cohesive voice across your web content, we’ll attract people who are the perfect fit for your practice (and steer folks away who aren’t a great fit). We’ll also build your brand to suit your long-term goals. Want to get you booked on more speaking gigs, and podcasts? This package is for you.

What You Get:

4 SEO blogs: These highly researched, value-packed articles help your site show up on Google while giving targeted patient education. These blogs will help build your trust and credibility while making your unique voice heard.

4 Social Media posts: An active social presence gives your audience more touch-points, while routing them back to your website. More blog visitors boosts your Google ranking, and brings in more readers over time.

4 email newsletters: These keep you at the top of your audience’s minds and route them back to your website. Newsletters give people an inside-scoop into your unique insights, and how your exciting services can change their lives.

Bundle Price: $2500 per month

Mini Monthly Growth Package

This package has the same benefits as the monthly growth package but is less aggressive. You love your practice, but you want to “stay the course” while saving time on your content. You’re happy with the amount of clients you have, and you’re not planning to expand right now. 

This three-pronged package helps you engage your existing network and subscribers while saving time. Keep your SEO momentum without investing more than you want into your content. Social media posts and newsletters continue to nurture trust and authority. 

What You Get:

2 SEO blogs: These highly researched, value-packed content pieces help build your website SEO while giving tailored resources to your audience. Build your trust and credibility while making your unique voice heard.

4 Social Media posts: These engage your followers while routing them back to your website for SEO.

2 email newsletters: These keep you at the top of your audience’s minds and route them back to your website.

Bundle Price: $1100

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Every client projects starts with a free consult call so you can learn more about me, and I can learn about the problems you’re facing in your business. From there, we can create a plan to help you get to where you want to go.

I create custom medical copywriting packages for specific client needs. I also offer a la carte options for clients looking for stand-alone pieces of copy.

“Marie was so helpful in writing my website. I wouldn’t work with any other copywriter.”

Mark Larson, D. Min, LCMHCS; Mark Larson Counseling & Consulting (also my Dad!)

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