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Having a content plan is the first step for gaining your audience.  

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Hey, You!

You’re a healthcare innovator. You’re swimming against the current of common thought in medicine. You’re passionate about new evidence-based ways to make care better for patients and providers. 

You know you can change lives, so you’ve struck out on your own to create something new. If you build it, people will come, right?

But now that you’ve begun your new practice or startup, you’ve realized it’s not that simple.  

People may think you’re selling “snake-oil”. (even though you know your methods work!)

People don’t trust you in a partnership. (even though you’ve seen amazing outcomes in your clients!)

Patients who do find you aren’t a good fit. (but you know your ideal patients are out there!)

And now, you’re starting to worry about sustaining your business if you can’t bring in more clients. 

You’d think that in medicine, results would speak for themselves, and patients would come to you. It’s frustrating to know you have so much value to offer, but your schedule is empty or filled with the wrong people.

I get it. 

And I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. 

What if I told you there’s a way to gain more patients, grow your authority, and save yourself time in the process? (I know, it sounds too good to be true!)

I’m not talking about slimy marketing or expensive ads.

Professional medical copy grows your business, without making you feel like a sleazy marketer. Here’s how:

Informative Content

Search Engine Optimized articles and blogs establish your knowledge, inform your future patients, and increase your Google ranking. Grow a web of highly researched, trustworthy articles that your audience will return to again and again.

Ethical Emotion

Build a website that shows the real you. Use effective email sequences, landing pages, and effective ads that convert patients. Apply the power of positive psychology to show your audience why working with you will change their lives for the better. 

Strategy for Growth

Create consistent content that grows momentum over time, building your business and your brand. Forge an audience who values your voice and your work. Medical copy strengthens your course offerings, supplement promotions, and service packages.

Here’s something they don’t teach in medical school:

Medicine needs marketing to reach patients.

But that doesn’t mean you have to hire a slimy marketer to reach more people. 

You can build your practice or startup ethically with evidence-based, authentic copy. 

Most medical copywriters and ghostwriters have no real medical background.

By working with a professional copywriter who is also a registered nurse, you can:

Skip the marketing agency headache. . .

Feel good about the content you’re putting out in the world. . .

Create a practice that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning. . .

Get your passion for life-changing medicine back. . .

Isn’t that feeling why you got into medicine in the first place?

“Working with Marie has helped me solidify and share my value as an expert clinician educator. Her consultation is intuitive and insightful, and her writing work is consistently spot-on for my brand. From brochures, to sales pages, to blogs, she delivers strong and accurate copy that’s helped me bring The Birth Nurse to a new level.” 

-Mandy Irby, The Birth Nurse
A doctor and consultant discuss medical marketing on a tablet.

What to expect when we work together

  1. Free consultation: we’ll chat about where you are now, where you’d like to be, and how I can help you get there. This will include looking at your website, industry competition, and inspiration.
  2. A Test Piece: we’ll start with a test piece so that you can see what my writing is like, and I can learn your unique voice.
  3. A Comprehensive Plan: I’ll make recommendations based on your goals. You can choose from my tried-and-true packages, or we’ll create a unique monthly plan for your business.
  4. Professional content: I heavily research every piece of content so that you know your patients are getting evidence-based resources. Continuing content grows value with time, and increases your ranking with Google.
  5. Peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in yourself and your practice. Knowing you’re pulling in clients even when you’re at home. Knowing you’re on your way to having the practice you want.

Sound like a plan?

Marie’s writing has helped Psychedelic Support grow so much in the last year. Her blogs are highly researched, insightful, and clear. She understands our audience of psychedelic therapists and explorers, and it shows in her work. We look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!”

Dr. Allison Feduccia, Co-Founder of Psychedelic Support

Work with me if you’re ready to. . .

  • Get more people to your site without ads.
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors. 
  • Build a website you’re excited to send people to. 
  • Grow your medical brand with authenticity and clarity. 
  • Educate more people without spending time creating content.

After all, I’m not your average copywriter. . .

I'm a passionate nursing and medical copywriter

Hi, I’m Marie!

I help medical innovators reach more patients and secure their real estate in the medicine of tomorrow through high-level partnerships and organic content strategy.

When I worked in inpatient medicine, I was so frustrated with the healthcare system. I worked with such smart, hardworking people. Yet the doctors, PA’s, and nurses I worked with weren’t the ones getting corporate bonuses or vacation homes.

Now, I get to help build businesses for people who are making a real difference in the lives of patients. Through compelling medical copy, I’m putting these people at the front of their field.

My clients are typically experienced clinicians who saw a problem in the way medicine is practiced in their specialty, and want to make things better either for patients or providers. They’re very passionate, they’ve got a ton of evidence for what they do, yet they don’t see their work represented in medical offices or care plans.

These folks often need to do a ton of background explaining on their sales calls or patient consults, because their work may seem obscure to patients and partners. They need help getting their value across and establishing themselves as the authority they are in their niche. 

Does that sound like you?

Our practice is truly grateful to have Marie on our team. She has scaled our blog and social media posts to an unimaginable level with her refreshing approach to medical content writing. 

We can confidently state that Marie has helped our practice achieve an engaging online presence on multiple platforms! Her content provides the reader with a charming equilibrium between medical jargon & conversational tone. Due to her experience as a Registered Nurse – Marie always goes above and beyond in each of her blogs, elegantly enticing the reader.  

Not only does she provide the reader with useful information without bombarding them with a myriad of medical information, but she also backs each piece with numerous scientific sources. We are excited to read her work every time, and are delighted to share it with so many others.

-Jothsna Bodhanapati, Practice Manager at Karma Doctors Integrative Psychiatry Associates

“Marie thoroughly researches and writes every article for our audience of hopeful parents. She delivers every project on time, and we’ve even consulted her for copyediting on our older content. We recommend working with her if you need excellent medical copywriting!”

Seema Thakur, Content Director for Inito

Check out some of my words:

Marie has been an integral part of our website rebuild team. Her web copy is concise and empathetic to our audience of healthcare leaders, and she uses our unique tone in every page. We highly recommend Marie if you need professional medical copywriting.

Donovan Miske, Founder of Kona Medical Consulting

Medical Copywriting Packages

Done-For-You Content Marketing for Clinicians and Practices

Invest in your website traffic with a search-engine-optimized content plan that builds your authority and draws people to your page. Consistently targeting keywords that people are searching for helps you show up on Google, and helps readers understand what you’re all about. Linking within your blogs keeps everything connected, creating a web of content that makes your site a cohesive resource in your niche. 

What You’ll Get:

  • Evergreen content pillars to guide your future articles. Does your content plan feel listless or untethered? Maybe you’re just creating content based on your latest idea. But what happens when your ideas run out? Content pillars guide your topics so you’ll never wonder what you should be talking about again, and keep you looking consistent for your readers.   
  • Three months of cohesive content planning lets you sit back and relax. I’ll use our content pillars and SEO keywords your readers are looking for to create a plan for your weekly blogs. You’ll always know what topics we’re covering this week, and the next week, and the next. No brainstorming, mind-mapping, or bullet-journaling required (unless you want to of course). 
  • Consistent, optimized articles on your website every week. Stop staring blankly at Google Docs, waiting for the perfect prose to flow through your fingertips. Writing consistent, quality content takes time and brainpower that you can now devote to other things. My articles are guaranteed to be engaging for your readers, helpful, and on-brand for your voice and tone. And if you’ve got any changes to a piece, let me know and I’ll make any edits within just a few days.  
  • The benefits of a proven content strategy. My clients enjoy an average month-over-month traffic growth of 20% or more. That means more readers coming to your site, sharing your pieces on social media, and converting to patient leads. Best of all, this strategy builds in effectiveness over time. Using Google Analytics, I’ll keep developing new ways for you to offer more valuable content to your readers. And you get to build your authority, trust, and readership, without spending thousands of hours on content development. It really is that easy. 

“[Marie’s] content work is exemplary, brilliant, and has helped us become well established in the digital space.”

Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD FACS, Founder of KarmaDocs, KarmaTMS, and BrainTune

Price Range: $3-10k per month

*pricing depends on traffic goals and content frequency

Getting Started: 

  1. Book a call or shoot me an email with your goals. If you’ve got the time, a full discovery call will help me understand your brand and needs more thoroughly. But if you’re just ready to start with a test blog, that’s okay too.  
  1. Book your $500 test blog. This test project helps you get to know my process, and helps me get to know your content needs before you sign on for more work. Test blog turnaround times are usually 3-5 days, and include SEO tips, meta descriptions, optimized headlines and h2s, and a bonus social media post for your followers. 
  1. Get a tailored content proposal that fits your goals. Looking for your website to blow up? I’ve got a plan for that. Or maybe you just want to maintain the growth you’ve had so far. Whatever your goals are, we’ll make a plan to meet them. 
  1. Get your evergreen content pillars and search-engine optimized content calendar. You get creative control over the topics we cover, without the creative pressure of idea generation. My content calendars are formed with your audience’s journey in mind, assuring and educating readers at every stage in the patient journey. 
  1. I’ll write your content every week, you’ll relax. Whether you want a blog a week, or a blog every day, you can trust that our work is high-quality, reader-focused, and always valuable. Your readers will love the insights, research, and personality in your articles. I’ll do the hard stuff, you just rake in the complements and the traffic. 

Ready to Get Started With Your Custom Content Plan?

Lead Generating Content for B2B Healthcare Leaders

Are you looking for a lead generation magnet that doesn’t require constant maintenance like blogs or social media? A white paper can:

  • Put your B2B medical business on the map
  • Pull in leads for partnerships, investments and subscribers for years to come
  • Establish your trust and authority for the readers you most covet

Whether you want to speak to clinicians, medical business managers, unit leadership, or benefits partners, a valuable white paper is an asset in every B2B medical sales funnel. 

But a white paper is only one part of your big-picture lead generation strategy. Once your paper is written, you’ll need a place to put it. And you won’t want your readers to go to waste either. Don’t make the mistake of investing in a white paper without a proven strategy to make it as effective as possible. That’s why my white paper funnel bundles are built with your results in mind, to help you get the most out of your investment. 

What You’ll Get:

  • A complete white paper with between 4-10 pages of heavily researched, value-packed content for your readers. This is more than an elevated blog; my white papers include eye-catching graphics, industry insights, and a title that entices your readers to click “download”. My graphics skills stop at comic sans; that’s why I partner with a professional graphic designer on every white paper project, to ensure you get a pristine paper that is eye-catching and valuable. 
  • A leading landing page that showcases your paper and shows readers why they should download it. This page can make or break your white paper readership, because it helps them decide whether your paper is worth their time. Don’t skimp on a professional sales page for you paper. The average landing page converts at a rate of 2.35%, but my clients enjoy conversions at 4% on average. 
  • A welcome sequence that shows readers who you are. After your leads sign over their email address, your relationship is only just beginning. Don’t just capture segmented emails and let them go dormant. Now that they trust you, it’s time to capture their attention with a welcome sequence that solidifies your place in the B2B medicine industry. 4-6 dynamic messages, delivered over a week, can help them move down the path towards high-level partnerships. 

Price Range: $3-10k 

*pricing depends on package inclusions

Getting Started:

  1. Book a call or shoot me an email with your goals. This typically includes the readers you want to target, what you want them to take away from your paper, and your timeline. From there, I’ll draw up a custom proposal with a timeline that suit your needs, and you’ll pay your first invoice. 
  1. An hour-long kickoff call helps me make sure I’m writing for your brand. We’ll talk about where you’re getting pushback on your sales calls, what questions your leads have, the problems you’re solving in your industry, and where we can fill holes in your current lead funnel. We’ll pick a topic on this call, and nail down the key points you want to cover. 
  1. A detailed outline check, so you can be sure you get the paper you want. Before I get started, I make sure my clients are happy with the points we’ll cover. You’ll get full control over our outline so that the first draft is an close to perfection as possible. 
  1. An edited draft, complete with citations and title options. This raw-text draft is pre-edited by my team to make the best use of your time. Take a week to read it over, give me feedback, and we’ll get you a completed draft once you’re done. In the meantime, I’ll be hard at work on your landing page and welcome sequence. 
  1. You get a complete designed white paper, landing page, and welcome email sequence. Plus, you’ll get two weeks to give feedback on all these elements before our final bundle deadline. Then you’ll get to post your paper, and start raking in the leads your funnel nurtures. 

Ready to Build a White Paper Your Audience Actually Wants to Read?

Ghostwriting for Medical Thought Leaders & Entrepreneurs

You’ve got a powerful message to share, but you don’t have to write it yourself. If you’re looking for a way to book more speaker events, reach more people, and further your personal brand, a memoir or biography is a great way to start. Published books are a major asset in your thought leadership strategy, and help set you apart from the pack of healthcare speakers out there. And my thoughtful ghostwriting approach can get you there faster than you think. 

What You’ll Get: 

  • Your full memoir or biography, written in your own voice, without having to spend a second staring at your drafts. Through a series of interviews, we’ll nail down your unique voice and perspective so that your personality shines through on every page. After about 4-6 months, you’ll have a complete memoir you can be proud to publish. 
  • Strategy insights that ensure your investment has a tangible impact. Your book will help propel your career forward to where you want to go, whether that’s speaking at more events, booking more consulting clients, or taking on more mentorship students. 
  • Continuing Consultation to help you get published quickly and easily. As a concierge provider, I leverage my publishing, PR, and marketing network to make sure you get the best publishing experience possible.
  • Book funnel copy that furthers your brand. Landing pages, email sequences, and lead generation funnels help you go further. All from a copywriter who already understands your core offer and message (that’s me!)

Price Range: $20-30k

*Pricing depends on scope and deliverables

Getting Started:

  1. Book your consult call. We’ll talk about your goals, timeline, and vision for your book. If we’re a good fit, I’ll email you a proposal and we’ll get started with a first invoice.
  2. Your Onboarding + Strategy Call will help me put together a detailed outline of your story based on your goals.
  3. You’ll Get an Outline You’re Excited About. I break down the flow of your chapters and get clear on your big-picture strategy before diving into writing. Then you’ll give me the go-ahead before we get started.
  4. Strategic interviews help me tell your story with your unique voice. I’ll ask key questions to make the most of your time, and you can word-vomit your answers without worrying about keeping things organized. These calls are recorded to make the best use of your time.
  5. You get a complete draft. Tear into your new memoir and get excited about putting it out there for your readers soon. And the best part is, the only time you’ll put pen to paper is at the book-signing table.

Ready to Tell Your Story?

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Every client projects starts with a free consult call so you can learn more about me, and I can learn about the problems you’re facing in your business. From there, we can create a plan to help you get to where you want to go.

I create custom medical copywriting packages for specific client needs. I also offer a la carte options for clients looking for stand-alone pieces of copy.

“Marie was so helpful in writing my website. I wouldn’t work with any other copywriter.”

Mark Larson, D. Min, LCMHCS; Mark Larson Counseling & Consulting (also my Dad!)

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