Hi, I’m Marie! I’m a copywriter, artist, and nurse in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am passionate about health, writing, painting, reading, hiking, and my obese cat named Hudge. I grew up in Charlotte and love calling this city my home, but I also love traveling and experiencing the world. I worked in inpatient nursing for the first few years of my career, first in a cardiac unit and then in the Medical Intensive Care Unit.

To me, the COVID-19 crisis highlighted the problems we’d known about in medicine for a long time. The focus on for-profit systems, the obscene treatment of skilled staff, and the lackluster care for patients. I’d known that inpatient nursing wasn’t where I wanted to be in the long-term, but the pandemic really showed me that I needed to create another career for myself.

My passion has always been research, writing and synthesizing information. As a copywriter I get to use all of those skills and more to improve the professional lives of my clients. I work with people who are making medicine better for patients and practitioners, and I think that’s pretty cool.

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